Makings of You


Makings of You is a traveling art series providing a mindful perspective of the human experience. First stop - Detroit!

Inspired by legendary singer-songwriter Curtis Mayfield, this exhibition divulges the intrinsic, yet nuanced nature of ‘becoming’ - reflecting upon memory, materiality, manifestation, and metaphor as tools for spiritual transformation.

This three-day installation is a collective eco-system of healing, immersed in art, wellness, and commerce. Each day features community-based programming led by local partner organizations, performances, activities and hosts health practitioners, offering services including reiki, massage therapy, mini-meditations, and other energy balancing techniques.

Join us as we explore disrupting social truths, discuss how abjection molds enlightenment, and form distinct ways to redefine ‘self’.


General tickets begin at $8 (exclude programs).

Programming begins daily at 6PM.

General Admission opens at 7PM.